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The Machine Girl (Kataude mashin garu / 片腕マシンガール) is a 2008 Japanese action / exploitation movie directed by Noboru Iguchi. The movie has not been released yet, so details about the film are still not 100% confirmable.

The Machine Girl Plot

The Machine Girl movie tells the story of a Japanese schoolgirl named Asami who loses her boyfriend and family to ninja Yakuza thugs. She is assaulted and her arm is also cut off by the ninja Yakuza bad guys, but that doesn't stop her from wanting revenge. Asami the Japanese schoolgirl becomes Asami The Machine Girl when her missing arm is replaced by a gun. Using her new machine gun arm, Asami (still dressed in her schoolgirl skirt and leggings) sets out to destroy those that took away her normal life. Along the way, she uses various weapons and tricks, including martial arts, chainsaws, a flying guillotine, and her secret weapons - the drill bra.

The Machine Girl Hype

An official English language movie trailer for The Machine Girl was released online in late 2007. It immediately became a hit on blogs, You Tube, and other popular and unpopular websites. The trailer video shows extreme violence, cheesy special effects, and imagery that probably leaves Quentin Tarantino feeling very jealous. At least two official posters have also been released for the film, and they too have been posted on numerous Japanese film fan blogs. No official release date has yet been set for the movie, either in Japan, the USA, or any other country, but the online hype for the movie has exploitation fans buzzing. So far, there doesn't seem to be an official website for The Machine Girl.

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