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Takamatsu is a city in Japan located in the Kagawa Prefecture. A census report released in 2006 states that there is a population of approximately 426,514 people. The large population and central location has contributed to the proclamation of making Takamatsu the capital city of the Kagawa Prefecture.

The city of Takamatsu is an important asset to the entire Kagawa Prefecture as it is the location of many government agencies. This includes both public and private offices which provide security, aid, and management to residents and tourists.

Takamatsu has been offering unique services for women through a program and organization called the Takamatsu Center for the Advancement of Women. This center has been open to the public since August of 1995. The sole purpose of the organization is to empower women in an era where rights are becoming an issue. Equality in the workforce, home life, and society is the number one agenda.

History of Takamatsu

Takamatsu is known as the location of the Battle at Yashima. This battle is famous in Japan as it put an end to the Heian Period.

In 1588, the ruler of the Sanuki County ordered that a castle be built in the city. This was the beginning of an establishment in the city and initiation of the Takamatsu Castle ruling.

From 1642 to 1868 the city of Takamatsu was ruled by the Tokugawa family. This family took over the Takamatsu Castle and provoked great changes in the city.

The city established a modern government in 1890 and has since moved forward as a new city. While this was only the beginning of a long journey it was all relatively smooth considering the instability of the cities past.

Points of Interest

  • Tamamo Park The Tamamo Park is actually the original location of the Takamatsu Castle, also known as the Castle on the Sea. The park is filled with beautiful scenery of gardens, tea villages, and precious historical pieces.
  • Takamatsu Historical Museum The Takamatsu Historical Museum houses many interesting exhibits developed to encourage residents to become better educated on the cities past. Some pieces found in the museum can be dated back to the cities earliest times.

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