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Suzuka is a city in Japan found in the Mie Prefecture. According to a census performed in 2006 there are approximately 199,975 people residing in the city. Reports indicate that the total area is an estimated 194.67km.

Suzuka is a cherished Japanese city for racing fans around the world. The Japanese Grand Prix was established and continues to be managed in the city of Suzuka. Training, championships, and car modifications are performed with many famous racers dedicating their success to the teachers in this area.

As for valid information regarding the city, there has been very little published due to conflicts in the government. The history, foundations, and future of the cities development is questionable as many feel it has been founded on many false facts.

History of Suzuka

Suzuka began its official establishment in 1942. Two cities and a small village merged into Suzuka turning the city into a military unit.

During the 1950’s several motor companies were approached with the opportunity to locate their headquarters in Suzuka. These companies did accept and still currently work out of the city.

Points of Interest

  • Tsuzumigaura Beach This beach is listed as one of the attractions for the area however there were issues surrounding it in the past. The cleanliness of the water was in question concerning health issues. Since that time it has been cleaned up and now represents a beautiful place for tourists to get sun and enjoy the beach.

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