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Super Lovers is a Japanese clothing brand catering to teenagers in Japan. The brand is known for its use of popular cartoon characters and imagery on their clothing and accessories and has recently become well known in other parts of the globe.


About Super Lovers

Super Lovers was founded in 1988 during the boom of Japanese fashion that saw a worldwide shift in attention to Tokyo. The brand’s focus was on teenagers between 15 and 18, offering a combination of new fashions and cute imagery that was becoming popular in the Shibuya and Harajuku districts of Tokyo.

The popularity of the story only continued to grow as a worldwide audience started to appear and multiple branches of the store have been created as a result, including Lovers House, cardin, and Playboy. There are now stores in multiple countries, including Greece, the UK, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Australia.


The clothing is well known for its use of the Super Lovers Logo, a Superman style diamond with a heart inside of it, usually placed on every product produced. Additionally, Super Lovers products will often carry the Lovers Rock slogan along with a wide variety of other slogans and illustrations.

The new brand created by Super Lovers, Lovers Rock, is targeted more towards children and features a pair of pandas named Ken and Marry. This brand caters more towards younger teens, under the age of 14 with a wide variety of illustrated characters.

Today, Super Lovers locations are nearly as famously known as the clothing they produce. The bright paint job, outlandish décor and life size manga figures are among the draws that bring in new visitors in places like London. The array of products sold in these stores is equally as eclectic, including things like frocks, PVC jackets, mini-kilts, old Adidias track jackets, and a wide array of other popular teen-oriented clothing that has become increasingly popular in club culture. Additionally, Super Lovers branded accessories, including bags, shoes, and many other popular items are available.

In America

Until recently, the Super Lovers brand was not as well known in America. Gwen Stefani’s 2005 single, “Harajuku Girls” introduced many of America’s youth to the streetwear culture of Tokyo’s Harajuku district, and mentioned the Super Lovers brand by name, causing a growing awareness of the hip clothing they sell. Though there are not yet any Super Lovers locations in the United States, the possibility has been breached

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