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Suginami-ku (杉並区) is one of the 23 special wards of Tokyo, Japan. The ward is home to 536,657 people according a 2008 census and is located in the western part of Tokyo. Neighboring wards include Shibuya, Nakano, Nerima, Setagaya, Mitaka, and Musashino. Passing through Suginami are the Kanda, Zenpukuji, and Myoshoji Rivers. Originally marked as one of the wards of Tokyo City, Suginami was added to the list of 23 special wards on March 15, 1947. Yamada Hiroshi is the current mayor of Suginami and has been since 2005.


Parks, Shrines and Temples

  • Igusa Mori Koen – This park, surrounded by a small forest for fire prevention is often used for soccer and rugby matches and doubles as an emergency evacuation site with underground supply stores.
  • Metropolitan Zempukuji Koen – Centered around the Zempukuji Pond, one of the thgree famous Edo Era springs in Musashino, this park is known for its row boats, children’s playground and cherry blossoms.
  • Otaguro Koen – A Japanese style garden with multiple Zelkova and Ginkgo trees as well as a sukiya style tea house.
  • Sanshi no Mori Koen – This park was built over the top of the onetime Silkworm Thread Testing Institute and is marked as an evacuation site. However, during the day is a popular site for school children to be found playing.
  • Myoshoji Temple – The Myoshoji Temple Lake, as the source of the Moshojigawa River is a popular area for rest and relaxation as well as sports. Three fountains and multiple sporting fields draw many visitors throughout the week.
  • Kashinomiya Park – This is the largest park in the ward, built on the old site of Japan’s Industrial Bank. The park is home to a tea room, cafeteria, tennis courts, library, study rooms, and numerous athletic resources.
  • Omiya Hachimangu – The oldest shrine in Suginami City, this site dates back to the 9th century and is home to a series of old artifacts on public display. It has been designated as a National Treasure.
  • Igusa Hachimangu – This shrine is home to a Mikoshi Festival every third year and a Yabusame Festival every fifth year.
  • Koenji Temple – The Koenji district is named for this temple, a favorite location of Tokugawa Shoguns.
  • Myoshoji Temple – This temple is more than 600 years old and was dedicated to more than 30 separate gods.

Suginami Neighborhoods

Suginami Citizens of Note

Personalities and celebrities of note hailing from Suginami include sumo wrestler Takanohana Koji, singer Nami Tamaki, and comedian Higo Katsuhiro.

Train and Subway


Public high schools in Suginami operated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government include:

  • Toyotama High School
  • Nishi High School
  • Suginami Technical High School
  • Nogei High School
  • Suginami Sogo High School
  • Ogikubo High School
  • Suginami High School

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