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Studio Coast is a concert hall located in Koto-Ku, Tokyo. It is the 3rd largest of all of the live houses in Tokyo. It opened up in 2002, and it opened up with some of the latest and most technologically advanced sound systems at the time.



Address (English):

  • Shin-Kiba 10 No. 2-chome
  • Koto Ward, Tokyo
  • Japan

Address (Japanese):

  • 所在地:東京都江東区新木場2丁目2番10号


  • 03-5458-4681


Get off at the Shin Kiba Station exit and travel down the stairs towards the main street. Walk straight on the left hand side. The Line train, JR Yurakucho subway line, Rinkai Line 3, Odaiba Rinkai line all take you to Shin Kiba.


As the 3rd largest venue in Tokyo, Studio Coast can fit almost 2,500 people standing and another 1,100 people sitting. It uses a 38 Amp speaker that comes in from all directions which centers the acoustics in the building.

The first floor is only for standing. The 2nd floor has seats and areas for socializing, though most people spend time on the 1st floor since it is closer to the bands. There is a public pool and a water bar inside the building, both are popular locations for young people in the area.


Studio Coast is home to “AgeHa” – a nightclub that seats over 3000 people, with a large dance floor, a terrace, and a public pool. AgeHa is one of the most popular places for young men and women to go on weekends, and many stay all night until sunrise.

Some of the most famous international DJs come to AgeHa when they are in Tokyo, and Studio Coast has become a popular spot for Hip Hop groups from all across the world.

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