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  1. List of popular Tokyo shopping areas (395 bytes)
  2. Shopping in Japan (3,449 bytes)
    1: around the world to shop there. In particular, shopping in [[Tokyo]] is a major pastime.
    3: ==Shopping Neighborhoods==
    5: ...ever, there are no places quite as popular as the shopping districts of Tokyo. Here, there a number of highl...
    17: ...tment stores in addition to the major underground shopping center in [[Shinjuku Station]] are located here. ...
    20: ...tore]] and Shibuya 109 are just a few of the many shopping locations of note here.

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  1. Japan (4,606 bytes)
    30: ...sightseeing in Japan|sightseeing]], [[skiing]], [[shopping]], and [[relaxation]].
  2. Akihabara (2,193 bytes)
    7: ...The station is in the middle of Akihabara and the shopping area starts immediately outside of the "Electric ...
  3. Akishima (1,703 bytes)
    1: ...e midstream west shore of [[Tama River]], a large shopping district and business district is around Akishima...
  4. Ameyoko (1,286 bytes)
    1: '''Ameyoko (アメ横)''' is narrow shopping street in [[Tokyo]], [[Japan]] which runs along t...
    15: [[Category:Tokyo Shopping Streets]]
  5. Cat Street (1,289 bytes)
    1: ... (キャットストリート)''' is a well known shopping street that runs through the [[Shibuya]] and [[Ha...
    24: [[Category:Tokyo Shopping Streets|Cat Street]]
  6. Takeshita Dori (3,140 bytes)
    1: ...eet or just Takeshita) is the famous [[Harajuku]] shopping street that begins just outside of the "Takeshita...
    48: [[Category:Tokyo Shopping Streets|Takeshita Dori]]
  7. Omotesando Dori (1,784 bytes)
    1: ...Dior, as well as the massive [[Omotesando Hills]] shopping complex, feature avant garde architecture and dra...
    34: [[Category:Tokyo Shopping Streets|Omotesando Dori]]
  8. Harajuku Station (2,389 bytes)
    6: at [[Takeshita Dori]], the famous [[Harajuku]] shopping street.
  9. Harajuku (2,691 bytes)
    12: ==Shopping==
    13: ...outside of [[Harajuku Station]]. Other well known shopping streets in Harajuku include [[Cat Street]], [[Har...
  10. Meguro-ku (869 bytes)
    3: ...hinagawa-ku]]. The city is best known for its hip shopping areas such as [[Jiyugaoka]] and [[Nakameguro]]. M...
  11. Harajuku Street (1,181 bytes)
    1: ...ku Street runs between [[Takeshita Dori]] and the shopping street that connects [[Killer Street]] to [[Meiji...
    24: [[Category:Tokyo Shopping Streets|Harajuku Street]]
  12. Killer Street (963 bytes)
    1: ...r Street (キラー通り)''' or Killer Dori is a shopping street in the [[Harajuku]] area of [[Tokyo]], [[J...
    23: [[Category:Tokyo Shopping Streets|Killer Street]]
  13. Nakano-ku (1,253 bytes)
    3: a residential area, with few big businesses or shopping areas. In recent years, because of its proximity ...
    9: * [[Nakano Broadway]] - shopping area which houses floors of shops selling [[anime...
  14. Aoyama Dori (1,089 bytes)
    1: ...nd [[Omotesando]] areas make it one of the famous shopping streets of Tokyo. Aoyama Dori intersect [[Omotesa...
    25: [[Category:Tokyo Shopping Streets|Aoyama Dori]]
  15. Shibuya-ku (4,187 bytes)
    12: of the shopping district is Shibuya 109, a shopping center with more than 90 boutiques and fashion ou...
    30: ...keshita Street]] – Well known Harajuku district shopping street.
    32: ...[Spain Zaka]] – Small but important walking and shopping street in the center of Shibuya.
  16. Shibuya (4,381 bytes)
    7: Aside from the shopping and entertainment the city also features many par...
    28: ...eet that runs down the middle of the most popular shopping area in Shibuya, directly across from the [[Hachi...
  17. Funabashi (2,628 bytes)
    11: ...and is a popular place to meet up. Thanks to this shopping center it is second in the Chiba prefecture and m...
  18. Ichikawa (1,533 bytes)
    11: * [[Colton Plaza]] is one of the largest shopping malls/centers in the area. The uniqueness of this...
  19. Ginza (3,591 bytes)
    6: buildings included Georgian brick buildings, a shopping center and many roads to connect the city togethe...
  20. Shinjuku (4,357 bytes)
    5: ...uku]] (Higashi), which is known as one of the top shopping and entertainment districts in all of Japan.
    27: ...y tourists travel to Shinjuku for one reason, the shopping. With literally hundreds of wonderful shops and d...

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