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  1. Tadanobu Asano (5,518 bytes)
    89: ** ... aka Picnic (International: English title)
  2. Kiba Park (1,821 bytes)
    5: of the park is dedicated to events; there is a picnic area, gardens, and a child playground.
  3. Komiya Park (1,944 bytes)
    13: ...sands of Japan citizens. Park benches, designated picnic areas, and a special playground all contribute to...
    15: ...d to take in the beautiful scene and have a small picnic. According to history, the pond was created by ma...
  4. Musashimurayama (2,118 bytes)
    17: ...or perfect family fun guaranteed to last all day. Picnic areas and occasional events bring even more excit...
  5. Musashino Park (1,950 bytes)
    1: ...nd play which draws them in. There are also large picnic areas designed to fit the needs of anyone seeking...
  6. Ryonan Park (2,569 bytes)
    15: ...with the family is easy with the nicely cared for picnic tables located close to the playground.
  7. Sengenyama Park (1,754 bytes)
    8: ... was developed more for recreational purposes and picnic tables, camping grounds, and special equipment wa...
    15: ...rk. Nicely laid out walking trails leading to the picnic area create a nice walk through park before relax...
  8. Toneri Park (2,380 bytes)
    3: ... for gathering and mingling with barbeque grills, picnic tables, and a large pond to enjoy. The third sect...
  9. Chara (2,639 bytes)
    3: ...bums. She also acted in a Japanese movie called [[Picnic]] that same year. When she was filming the movie ...

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