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Soe is a Japanese clothing brand and fashion label based out of Tokyo, Japan. The brand which has built a base of customers by steering clear of the onset of popular trends in Japanese fashion has been steadily growing into a major player in the fashion scene both in Japan and abroad.



Soe was founded by its head designer and creative lead Soichiro Ito in 2004 as a line of original men’s clothing that would be completely different from its contemporaries by presenting a wide array of experimental material pairings, and meticulous cutting techniques. Since 2004, when soe first debuted at the Tokyo Collections, the brand has gone international and from its Nakameguro headquarters has started to have a profound impact on local fashion. The clothing, best represented by the relaxed, modern chic of its designer has quickly grown to become one of the points of recognition for the trendy Nakameguro neighborhood in Meguro-ku, Tokyo.

Brand Style

The soe brand is best known for remaining independent of the current trends, keeping away from the dark and rock-based clothing that has hit many brands’ mens collections since 2005 and utilizing its own unique methods. Soe’s clothing, often utilizing Japanese fabrics and technology, is popular among mid to late-20s males who want to stand out from the crowd rather than conform to current trends and has done so by presenting and creating new trends of its own. Often times, these new trends will spread to the fashion sensitive districts of Aoyama and Shibuya.


The head office and main store location for soe is located in the Nakameguro neighborhood of the Meguro ward in Tokyo Japan. The address is:

  • 3-18-10 Aobadai, Meguro-ku
  • Tokyo Japan 153-0042
  • (03) 5457-2011

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