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Shojo Comic is a magazine that is released in Japan twice every month. It began its rein of publishing the best shojo manga in 1968, when it published the magazine once a week. That lasted for twelve years, but in 1980, the publishers realized it would be better for the magazine to be released twice a month. The magazine specializes in releasing shojo manga, which is Japanese comic strips that are focused on entertaining a girl who is between the ages of 13 and 18.

In the beginning, these manga were very tame. They were mostly about romance and relationships, as well as everyday life and homework. With time, the genre found that, to compete, it had to spice things up a bit. It started including kissing scenes and more sexual content, although it has never reached the hentai, or pornographic, level. One of the first stories to show sex in the shojo genre was Kaikan Phrase, which translates to Sensual Phrase. This was a story of Aine, a schoolgirl who falls in love with Sakuya, a singer in a Japanese rock band.

There have been many famous manga included within the pages of Shojo Comic, including:

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