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Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden is located in the Shinjuku Ward of Tokyo, Japan. With a lengthy history and many tremendously popular features, the garden has risen to the top of both citizen’s interests and tourist’s interests. The primary purpose and greatest element to the garden is its ability to bring a naturally relaxed feeling over all people that visit.



The original Shinjuku Gyoen Garden was actually created during the Edo Period. At this time it was placed on the property of a famous feudal lord by the name of Lord Naito. The general uses of the garden included entertaining, relaxing with friends and family, and providing a peaceful setting for important get-togethers.

The garden remained as it was originally created until the war in 1945. At this time, the land was redeveloped and converted into a large garden/park. Soon after the revisions it was finally opened up for all city residents and has since been a public place of interest.

Things to See

  • Greenhouses of Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden Two large greenhouses are featured in the garden. Rare tropical plants are cared for and shown off in the buildings making this National Garden far more popular than others. These greenhouses are known by schools as it is a class favorite when it comes to field trips.
  • Great Trees of Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden Some of the special trees found in the garden have been traced back hundreds of years creating a large piece of truly natural landscaping which has withstood the many tests of time. These tree species are said to be unique with many original plants still growing healthily.


Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden is accessible using the Marunouchi Line (subway) traveling to Shinjuku-Gyoen-Mae Station. Once you have reached the station the large garden gates are 5 minutes away.


11 Naito-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan 160-0014

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