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Sakai is a city in Japan found in the Osaka Prefecture. According to reports from a census performed in 2006, there are approximately 832,287 people occupying the city. This ranks Sakai the 15th largest city in Japan; a significant ranking when speaking of the many cities in Japan.

Sakai is home to the largest seaport in all of Japan making its value to the entire country incredible.

Sakai also holds a special key to bicycles being bought around the world. There are over 15 companies which manufacture the thousands of parts needed to build a bike. Interestingly, many gunsmiths converted to bicycle creators due to the similar skills needed. This has played a large role in the many companies forming in this area.

History of Sakai

The land now known as Sakai can be dated very far back. Many precious artifacts and even buildings have been uncovered by those seeking the true history of the city. Some findings have left many Sakai residents and officials unsure on when the city could have been originally founded.

In 1868, the Sakai Prefecture is established growing tremendously in the following years. This didn’t last long as the prefecture was merged and converted into the Osaka Prefecture in 1881.

During World War II (1945) Sakai was not a targeted city however many of the cities villages were damaged by fires spreading from struck cities. Based on documented history, Sakai was so damaged that over half the population fled for their safety.

After rebuilding, expanding and further development Sakai was finally deemed an official city in 2006; much later than many other cities of its size and larger.

Points of Interest

  • Sakai Festival The Sakai Festival is held the third Saturday and Sunday of every year since 1974. This festival is special to all that reside in the city as it is held to show pride for the greatness of Sakai. It has also adopted the message of peace and harmony between Sakai and the rest of the world.
  • Old Sakai Lighthouse Built in 1877, this lighthouse is one of the oldest buildings for viewing in the city. It was originally constructed to observe incoming and outgoing ships in the water surrounding Sakai. It has been officially labeled a historic site and is currently undergoing major repairs to restore its original beauty.

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