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Roppongi Station is a train station located in Minato, Tokyo. It is the deepest station in all of Tokyo, as low as 42 meters underground. The station is only for two lines: The Hibiya Line, which opened in 1964 and has two platforms (on two tracks) at Roppongi Station. And the Toei Oedo line, which also has 2 platforms on two tracks and opened in the year 2000. The Station number is N-05. The station itself is owned by Tokyo Metro as of 2004 when the Metro privatization came into effect, but the Toei Oedo line is not part of the Tokyo Metro transportation system.



Roppongi Station was opened originally for the Hibiya Line. Once the Toei Oedo line opened, however, the station was dug much deeper in order to accommodate the additional train.

Nearby Locations and Landmarks

Roppongi Station is not located in a large tourist area. It is, however, the main station for a variety of embassies. The Italian, Swedish, Saudi Arabian and Spanish embassies are all located just outside the station. IBM Japan headquarters is within walking distance of the station. Also the Izumi Garden Tower, TV Asahi headquarters, and the Comprehensive Center for Vocational Students. There are also several hotels, beer gardens, massage parlors, movie theaters and department stores in the area, though the Minato area is not known for being as much of a tourist attraction as many of the other sections of Tokyo.

Station Information

Toilets are located on the first floor only. A little over 52,000 people pass through the Roppongi Station every day. For the Hibiya Line, the two adjacent stations are the Hiroo Station and the Kamiyacho Station. For the Toei Oedo Line, the two nearby stations are Azabu-jūban Station and Aoyama-itchōme Station. The ticket gates can be found on the basement floor.

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