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Revolver is a Japanese fashion label started by Kiri Arata. The line is one of the Harajuku district’s many creations, taking liberally from the music and cultural scene of both street life in Tokyo and the west.



Arata moved to Paris when he was 17 and first became interested in fashion, showing his hand at everything from street fashion to the highest quality fashion. At age 20, he stared producing t-shirts for fun and found that he had a talent that could make him successful in the industry and so he he decided to create his own brand in Revolver, born in the late 1990s.

Much of Revolver’s evolution was born from musical roots, including the name of the brand, taken from the Beatles. The mixture of independent style and rock and roll appealed to Arata both in his own life and how he designed his clothing.

Clothing Style

While most of Revolver’s clothing falls into the street wear brand, Arata likes to mix in additional elements of casual and high fashion to ensure a hybrid brand that is entirely original. He likes to create streetwear products that can be combined with other products to create chic looks without looking out of place. Brands that Revolver often takes creative cues from include the likes of Rockstar and Phenomenon as well as Comme Des Garcons and Undercover.

So-Me Collaboration

Starting in 2004, Revolver started collaborating with So-Me, which helped to push it into the mainstream of streetwear in Japan. The majority of the collaboration started via email with T-shirt prints being produced through joint concepts, and the show which premiered the work started the actual working relationship.

Where to Buy

Revolver has a store in the Harajuku District as well as clothing in various streetwear stores throughout Tokyo’s trendy fashion districts. Clothing can also be purchased online through streetwear outlets.

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