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Ravijour is a Japanese fashion label and designer of lingerie. Often called the Victoria’s Secret of Japan, ravijour combines many popular western elements in under garments and lingerie with a wide variety of different styles and designs from the fashion community.


The Brand

Ravijour was founded in the 1990s as a Japanese alternative to imported lingerie that was sold in various different outlets, such as department stores and boutiques in Japan. The company has grown since then to become one of the largest lingerie and underwear producers for women in Japan and has drawn a significant amount of international attention for its products. Taking many of its promotional cues from brands like Victoria’s Secret, Ravijour holds its own annual fashion show with models from Japan and around the world showcasing the newest lines of lingerie. Magazine adds, special television presentations and even international advertising have all been added to boost the brand’s visibility.

Clothing Style

Sleek and colorful describe much of Ravijour’s lingerie, with multiple different styles available but an underlying theme of playful sexiness instilling each product. The products in each collection are often similar in style with new bra and lingerie designs being released twice annually on the same schedule as most traditional fashion labels. Ravijour has also delved into the more broad market of casual clothing, producing simple shorts, sweaters, t-shirts and accessories that fit the same simple style that they have used but with a broader appeal.

Where to Buy

Ravijour has 10 locations in Tokyo and nearby Japanese cities. Additionally, the brand is carried by most Egoist boutiques in Japan, including those in Parco and Shibuya 109 stores. The brand can also be purchased online through the company’s online store for international delivery.

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