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The Rainbow Bridge, technically known as the "Route 11 line Daiba Tokyo Bridge" (but referred to as the Rainbow Bridge by the general public) is a suspension bridge in Tokyo that stretches across the Tokyo Bay in Minoto, Tokyo. The bridge carries 3 different expressways. It is called the Rainbow bridge due to its design and the lights placed on the bridge for coloring.



Construction was started on the bridge in 1987. By 1993 the bridge was fully operational. The reason for the bridge’s inception was due to severe overcrowding and pollution in various areas that the Metropolitan Expressway would service. The hope was that by providing a faster way of travelling across Tokyo Bay, it would ease congestion and harm the environment less. By all indications, it was a success.

It is one of the largest bridges in the world, and several movies have been filmed on the bridge in addition to its aesthetic and functional appeal.

Though there has always been lighting on the bridge, several different themed lighting events have taken place since the bridge was privatized in the year 2005 by the Metropolitan Expressway.

Bridge Information

The entire bridge stretches 798 meters or 2618 feet. It carries both cars, trains and pedestrians. The trains travel on the lower levels, while cars and people travel up top. Pedestrians can only travel during certain hours, however.

What make the Rainbow Bridge most special, however, are its colors. The bridge uses solar energy that it gathered during the day to shine colorful lights upon the white painted surface of the bridge, making it glisten across the skyline (the three colors are usually red, white and green). The lights are turned on after sunset. During the day, the bridge is equally appreciated for its clean white finish over Tokyo Bay. Essentially, the purpose of the colors are to be bright during the day and mix with the skyline at night.

Two trains, the JR Tamachi Station and the Shibaura-futō Station are near enough to the bridge that you can access the bridge by foot from those stations.

In Popular Culture

Several Godzilla movies have scenes that take place on the rainbow bridge, including Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla and Digimon adventure.

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