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Oronamin C is a soft drink produced by Otsuka Chemicals. The drink, available in Japan, is named for the company’s Oronain H Ointment and its primary ingredient of Vitamin C.



First introduced in February of 1965, Oronamin C was originally sold in glass bottles with bottle caps. Included in the drink are isoleucine and numerous other necessary amino acids, and vitamins. It can be purchased in vending machines and convenience stores across Japan. In 2000, a sister product known as Oronamin C Royal Polis was introduced with Royal Jelly and Propolis in it.

The drink was originally sold as a medical health drink, but was later removed from this category following a decision by the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare. However, following this decision, the drink eventually took off in popularity following a series of television advertisements with Kon Omura.


Using the slogan Genki Hatsuratsu, Oronamin C has been popular since its original spokesperson, Kon Omura took to the market promoting it for ten years. It has been promoted in television ads, billboards, and by baseball players such as the Yomiuri Giants as well. In 1994, SMAP’s songs were used in Oronamin C commercials and in 2001 a new campaign featuring actors from Ishihara Productions was put together. Hideki Matsui was also a well known spokesperson of the brand while he was playing baseball in Japan.

A 2005 tie in campaign with Kamen Riders had actors from all four major Kamen Rider programs promoting the drink in special television ads during the show. Aya Ueto currently advertises for the company with a series of songs and commercials.


Since Oronamin C hit the market, numerous copycat products have been released to try and cash in on the same style of drink, including:

  • Minnamin C Drink
  • Vitamin c Drink
  • Origomin C Drink
  • Bonnu C
  • Vittta Lemon C Drink
  • Top Value C
  • Vita Amin C
  • Vita To C
  • Turbo C

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