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Matsudo (松戸市) is a city in Japan. It is located in the Chiba Prefecture and inside of the Kanto Region. The city is located in the northwest of the Chiba Prefecture and it borders Tokyo along the Edo River. The population of the city is 460,000 with a total land area of 61 square kilometers. The city flower is the Azalea and the city tree is the cherry blossom.

In the past the economy was based on primary industries such as agriculture and is still a major part of the area. The area produces vegetables and the fisheries in this area produce a considerable amount of food to export.

Seaweed is also harvested from this area. Because of the rapid economic growth in Japan this area became a residential city. Many people moved to this area and commuted to work in Tokyo. Because of this the shift from primary industries to tertiary markets or service industry has grown considerably.


During the Edo Period, Matsudo and the surrounding area was a post-town on the Mito Road.

In 1889, the town was incorporated. This area was mainly used as a change over point for the road between Tokyo and Mito.

In 1896, The Matsudo Station was opened on the Joban Line. The town did not become a city until April 1, 1943.

Up until the 1960s this area was mainly inhabited by farmers. Starting in the 1960s rapid economic growth eventually turned this area into a suburb of Tokyo.

Points of Interest

  • Forest and Park for the 21st Century encompasses around 140 acres of land. It was built in the middle of the city using what was left of the nature and wildlife area. The park focuses on three central themes: nature, recreation and culture. The culture area is the location of the park information center, the 20 acre Sendabori Pond, and Midori-no-Sato. This area was designed to make an atmosphere of the farming village, multi-purpose spaces and even a cafe.

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