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Lumine is a Japanese department store that specializes in carrying a number of high end products from the top, well-to-do fashion labels in Japan. Marketing itself toward the affluent and fashion conscious members of Japan’s shopping community, this department store currently operates multiple complexes throughout Japan, with its largest in Tokyo.

Store Locations

The Lumine store located in Tokyo is found next to and above the south and east exits to Shinjuku Station with the western and eastern halves of the store marked as Lumine 1 and Lumine 2. Owned by JR East, the company is usually found adjacent to populous JR train stations. Recently, Lumine Est replaced My City above the east exit as well.

Another Lumines complex can be found in Yokohama in Takashima. This complex, with more than 200 stores and a wide variety of products from throughout the world is one of the premier shopping destinations in Yokohama along with other major department stores in the region.


Lumine was established by JR East as a means to establish additional income streams beside their most populous train stations, such as the one located in Shinjuku. To date, the company has opened five such department stores in Tokyo and other outlying cities on their lines. Focusing on providing high end products from top brands like Issey Miyake, Comme de Garcons, Prada, and Gucci, the shopping complexes are among the highest regarded department stores in Japan. They do not enjoy the same customer volume as some other major department stores such as Isetan, Marui, or Seibu however.

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