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Kuraki Mai (Aono Mai) was born 28 October in Funabashi, Chiba. She originally released songs with an R&B feel but has recently switched to a mainstream pop sound. Kuraki began making demo tapes while still in middle school. She came to the notice of Giza Studio and was signed up. Giza tried to give Kuraki an American appeal by having her record in Boston and releasing Baby I Like in English under the name of Mai-K before her Japanese debut. Baby I Like was an instant hit and two months later, she followed it with Love, Day after Tomorrow. This went to number one, sold over a million copies, and Kuraki went on to release a string of chart topping singles. Kuraki’s first album, Delicious Way sold 4 million copies, cementing her status as one of Japan’s biggest female acts. Initially, Kuraki didn’t appear on TV or in public owing to the pressure of her studies. In October 2000, she passed the entrance exams to Richimeikan University, Kyoto and began life as a student, graduating in 2005. Secret of My Heart was recorded in English and released in the U.S. and Japan in 2002. That same year, Winter Bells, the tenth opening theme for the anime Detective Conan, topped the charts. In addition, FT Shiseido chose Feel fine! as the theme song for its centenary celebration campaign.

Kuraki has worked with a number of Giza’s composers such as Akihito Tokunaga, Aika Ohno and Hitoshi Okamoto. She has also collaborated with Tak Matsumoto Singaporean singer, Sun Yan Zi (Stephanie Sun).

She holds the Oricon record for consecutive top 10 single hits for a female solo artist.



  • Baby I Like (1999)
  • Love, Day After Tomorrow (1999)
  • Stay by my side (15 March 2000)
  • Secret of my heart (26 April 2000)
  • Simply Wonderful (2000)
  • Reach for the sky (2000)
  • tsumetai umi/Start in my life (2001)
  • Stand Up (2001)
  • always (2001)
  • Can't forget your love/PERFECT CRIME ~Single Edit~ (2001)
  • Winter Bells (2002)
  • Feel fine! (2002)
  • Like a star in the night (2002)
  • Make my day (2002)
  • Time after time ~hanamau machi de~ (2003)
  • Kiss (2003)
  • kaze no la la la (2003)
  • IMITATION GOLD (2003 as TAK MATSUMOTO featuring Kuraki Mai)
  • Ashita e Kakeru Hashi (2004)
  • Love, needing (2005)
  • DANCING (2005)
  • P.S♡MY SUNSHINE (2005)
  • Growing of my heart (2005)
  • BEST OF HERO (2006)
  • Diamond Wave (2006)
  • Shiroi Yuki (2006)
  • Season of love (2007)


  • delicious way (2000)
  • Perfect Crime (2001)
  • Secret of My Heart (2002)
  • FAIRY TALE (2002)
  • If I Believe (2003)
  • Wish You The Best (2004)
  • FUSE OF LOVE (2005)
  • DIAMOND WAVE (2006)

Videos and DVDs

  • FIRST CUT (2000)
  • Mai Kuraki & Experience First Live 2001 in Zepp Osaka (2001)
  • Mai Kuraki & Experience First Live Tour 2001 ETERNAL MOMENT (2001)
  • Mai Kuraki "Loving You..." Tour 2002 Final 2.27 in YOKOHAMA ARENA (2002)
  • My Reflection (2004)
  • Mai Kuraki 5th Anniversary Edition Grow, Step by Step (2005)
  • Mai Kuraki Live Tour 2005 LIKE A FUSE OF LIVE (2006)

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