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Kawaguchi (川口) is a city in Japan. It is located within the Saitama Prefecture. The city itself is on the southern most edge of the Saitama Prefecture. The only geographical feature separating Tokyo from Kawaguchi is the Arakawa River. This makes the city a popular place to live and then commute back to Tokyo for work. The population has reached over 490,000 people. The total land area is approximately 55 square kilometers. This city is a busy city which ranks as major economic and cultural centers in Saitama Prefecture. The city flower is the White Trumpet Lily.

Since Kawaguchi is major economic and cultural center there are quite a few red light districts that are known to be frequented in this area. Historically the cities development was started by its long history of cast-iron molding. Not only is Kawaguchi a city of industry and culture it also produces cast-iron products and machinery. There are many other goods and services that are produced in this area such as productions of potted plants and flowers which are famous throughout the area. Kawaguchi is now working on introducing and attracting companies from the information and communications industries.


Enplas opened up their first plant in Kawaguchi City on 1965. This was unique because in this plant an all plastic counter was developed. This company is one of the leading producers of high-performance plastic parts and other products.

As of late the company produces a wide range of high-tech products such as nano scale advanced optical devices, semiconductor peripherals, liquid crystal displays, electronic apparatuses and automotive.

Then in 1967 the plant was made even larger and adopted an integrated production process from mold manufacture to injection molding.

Points of Interest

  • Kawaguchi Culture Center is a center for art, culture and the promotion of community activities in the city. It is in front of the JR Kawaguchi Station. There is a main hall with state-of-the-art facilities, a concert hall with a grand pipe organ, an exhibition hall, and an event hall, music studio, meeting rooms, a fitness club, restaurants and many other facilities available. This is the place for all kinds of gatherings. There are even concerts held here.

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