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KDDI Designing Studio (KDDI デザイニングスタジオ) is a consumer showcase set up by the KDDI corporation to show off their new mobile phone devices and features. The address is: 150-0001 Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Jingumae 4-32-16



The KDDI Design studio opened in Harajuku on March 4th, 2005. The KDDI corporation, Japan’s second largest telecommunications company, decided to open up the design showroom as a way to gather market research and consumer information on their own cell phone products, among other things, as well as past and present marketing tactics. It also has a café on the top floor and plays live music concerts.

The designing studio is split into five different floors; each floor has different aspects of its product either for marketing or being marketed.


First Floor

The first floor, known as the “Loving Lounge,” is used primarily as a lounge and as a place to advertise their recent cell phone product releases. It is also used as a music lounge with occasional live artists playing.

Second Floor

The second floor is known as “au Design Park.” It is where all of the new cell phone products are shown. There, KDDI often gathers consumer research and information, seeing what is getting the most appreciation.

Third Floor

The third floor is the “KDDI Creation Studio.” It is for all of the products that are currently under development. Here, too, people viewing the new products that are in development are able to provide some feedback, but in general it is meant to generate a buzz about upcoming releases.

Fourth Floor

The fourth floor, the "LISMO Forest," which opened up on July 10th, 2007, primarily sells LISMO products, which are music products and toys of their mascot.

Fifth Floor

The fifth floor is an Internet café with free wireless. Known as the “WIRED CAFE 360°,” It is designed to attract people to the building (and hopefully visit the 1st-4th floors).

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