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Izreel is a Japanese fashion label started by Kazuhiro Takakura. The brand, started in 2003, is street fashion brand that focuses on providing luxury turns on the American vintage look while using the same European style of high class fabrics and cuts in each piece.



Born in Kanagawa Prefecture, Kazuhiro Takakura started his career as an apparel marker early, immersing himself in the fashion industry until he started his own label in Izreel in May of 2003. The first exhibition for Izreel was held in 2004 in Copenhagen. The next two years he participated in exhibitions in Berlin and Barcelona and in 2006 made a deal with Showroom LAB for 13 stores to sell his products in Italy. While Izreel has continued to grow both in Japan and Europe, Takakura has also taken on work designing for both American and European design houses.

Clothing Style

The name of Izreel, meaning “is real”, is a common theme in Takakura’s designs for the label. The overall theme is for a luxury street brand which combines the essence of old school vintage and European classicism into each piece. Combining sleekly cut jackets, screen printed t-shirts and jackets, and slick colored dresses, and track clothing, the brand contains a wide number of different types of clothing. Accessories range from handbags, to hoods and hip hop inspired hats and bandanas. Belts, short cut jeans, and sandals are added for effect and nearly all aspects of street culture are hit upon, making the brand a huge success overseas.

Where to Buy

Izreel clothing can be purchased from multiple locations in Tokyo, including 2 Izreel Shops in Tokyo and numerous department stores and street wear boutiques. Additionally, Izreel clothing is sold in Italy, Spain, Russia and France. The main shop location in Tokyo is located at:

  • 2F LaForet 1-11-6
  • Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
  • (03) 6903-7120

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