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Huge Magazine is a Japanese fashion magazine designed for men. The magazine, featuring a wide array of different styles of street fashion is well known in Japan for its coverage of the varying styles that permeate street culture, as well as the overlay of European style in the Japanese fashion industry. Combining the various aspects of an eclectic sense of style, the magazine speaks to an increasingly wide audience.

About Huge Magazine

Huge magazine was launched in 2004 as an alternative for men in their twenties in Japan to the many fashion magazines that were currently on the market. The publication releases monthly and has enjoyed a slowly growing readership, currently holding a circulation of about 75,000. The goal of Huge is to provide a mixture of street wear and high fashion for a collage view of the modern Japanese male’s fashion options.

What makes Huge magazine different than many other men’s fashion magazines is that it focuses intently on all aspects of culture and how fashion integrates into those aspects. While features will often be on the newest lines from popular designers and shopping guides for popular Tokyo districts, most issues will alternately feature stories on popular artists, musicians, and cultural influences that may be of interest to young males.

Published by Kodansha, Huge is one of a large stable of magazines offered by the company to Japan’s youth culture. Other popular publications include Frau, Voce, Glamorous, Shukan Gendai, Friday, King, Courrier Japon, and Style. While Huge is not the largest of the magazines produced by the company, its unique approach has earned it a large and growing following.

Most issues of Huge Magazine are generally around 150-200 pages in length and will feature full color photo displays throughout. The cover art is well known for the magazine, often featuring a stylish piece of artwork or photograph instead of the stereotypical snapshot of a celebrity. Focusing on quality over volume, the magazine is usually less cluttered with filler and empty articles as well.

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