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Hisui is a Japanese clothing brand started by Hiroko Ito. The brand, named for both Jade and the Kingfisher in Japanese, is best defined by its multiple folds and wraps with a huge collection of different colors throughout its lines.


Ito graduated from New York City’s FIT college and established Hisui in 1998 after working for Commes des Garcons for a short while. Right away, Hisui became well known for being at the forefront of the layered style movement of clothing and of working in collaboration with well known artists in Japan and the surrounding area. Both shows and lines are instilled with various artistic elements that turns the Hisui brand into both a viable ready to wear collection and an artistic statement.

Clothing Style

Hisui is best known for its swirling graphic prints and geometric style, instilling each piece with a certain versatility. The line includes a number of different uses of buttons, drawstrings, and zippers to ensure adjustability on almost every piece of clothing. Ito strives to remain in touch with the Tokyo art scene as much as possible, using them in each of her pieces or projects. Hisui currently operates a gallery in Minami Aoyama called eels BeD gallery and features various fashion related art projects.

Where to Buy

Hisui Clothing can be purchased from the flagship store located in Minami Aoyama or at Gallarda Galante in Osaka.

  • LeShop, La Place
  • 3-13-21 Minami Aoyama
  • Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • (03) 3475-7770

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