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Hime Gyaru is a fashion style largely depicted as a cross between Gyaru and Lolita. Combining bright colored clothing, dyed dark hair, long eyelashes, and a series of brightly colored accessories, this fashion attempts to bring out the concept of the “princess” in those who dress in it.

Most famous and started in the Harajuku shopping district of Tokyo, Hime Gyaru is best described by the goals of its prescribers, with baggy hair at the top, curls at the base, dyed blonde or brown, ribbons adorning both hair and dresses, velvet clothing from the top boutiques in Tokyo, and embroidery with lace and pearl. Accessories and jewelry along with cell phones, cameras, handbags, and anything else that might be carried is also bought from the top stores and adorned with the most expensive details.

Style Concept

Behind the basics of the style, there is a core concept of what Hime Gyaru girls are supposed to be, regardless of their actual roots. The Hime Gyaru girl is one who comes from a rich family. She is stylish but delicate with lots of time to see to her appearance and the money needed to purchase the top clothing and accessories. However, it is also a modern style that combines the most recent and top end of looks with the classical sense of posh style. Essentially, what Hime Gyaru does is create a more grown up, adult-like perspective on the Lolita style, combining the classical concepts with a modern twist of money and extravagance.

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