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Heath is a Japanese clothing brand started and designed by Gentaro Noda. The clothing in the line is best known for its focus on jackets and pants in the highest quality fabrics available with a minimalist approach to most pieces.



Noda attended St. Martins school in the UK where he was raised before returning to Japan in 2003 to launch his first line, Iliad in the 2004 Tokyo Collections. In 2007, he started his newest line with Heath and presented the 2008 A/W season.

Clothing Style

The style of Heath is largely open to the piece it describes. The clothing is defined by heavy use of black and a proliferance of lines and oversized sweaters and jackets. Military inspired jackets and pants alongside nylon parkas and various sized trousers all create contradiction in his designs.

For the most part, Heath’s clothing is created in traditional forms with small touches added such as extra buttons, reverse direction suit jackets and monotone color schemes. Gloss and matte color schemes intermingle in many of his clothes as well, creating a varied palette of options.

Store Location

Heath clothing can be purchased in any of the many department stores Noda has partnered with including Isetan. Additionally, his work can be found in Iliad boutiques throughout Tokyo.

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