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Gut’s Dynamite Cabarets is an up and coming Japanese fashion label. Combining aspects of different sub cultures including rock and roll fashion, cross dressing, and various nightclubs, Gut’s Dynamite Cabarets makes clothing that is intentionally vibrant and loud in numerous different ways during fashion shows.



Formed by Aki and Kuzu in 2006, the company has risen quickly, taking place Tokyo Fashion Week in both 2006 and 2007 and producing new lines in every season since then.

Clothing Style

Their work is categorized on the stage by a series of vibrant colors and gutsy collaborations. Men’s wear features everything from animal prints and brown leather to red trenchcoats, modified black suits, and double-breasted military coats.

Women’s wear similarly combines various different influences, with recent collections containing min-skirts in the 1970s disco fashion, biker jackets, and signature items with new patterns ranging from polka dots to animal prints.

Clothing in the lines produced by Gut’s Dynamite Cabaret range anywhere from the new gothic Lolita style being pushed by H. Naoto to the kooky, colorful prints of labels like Dress Camp. In addition to clothing, Gut’s Dynamite Cabaret has joined in the recent trend of Japanese clothing labels sponsoring and starting their own music labels to help promote their lines and boost the visibility of hand selected musical acts.

Where to Buy

Guts Dynamite Cabaret operates a flagship store in the heart of the Harajuku shopping district of Tokyo. Additionally, multiple boutiques in Tokyo have picked up the brand and currently carry it. The official website also has online purchasing options.

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