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Girls Bars are Japanese bars that cater to male patrons by hiring cute Japanese girls as bartenders. Men who come into the bar to drink must pay a fee to chat with the female bartenders. Girls bars became an increasingly popular part of the Japanese nightlife scene in 2006 and 2007. They are considered a direct competitor to the very popular Japanese hostess clubs.

Girls Bars vs. Hostess Clubs

  • Girls Bars are generally cheaper to visit than Hostess Clubs, with lower drink prices and lower cover price to enter.
  • Many of the Girls Bars hire ordinary Japanese girls as employees, rather than the professional hostesses that staff hostess clubs in Tokyo and other cities. Some Japanese men say that they prefer talking to a regular girl, rather than a professional hostess - and that the atmosphere of the girls bars is more friendly.
  • Because of changing laws in Tokyo, as part of governor Shintaro Ishihara's crackdown on nightlife, many hostess clubs are forced to shut down at midnight. However, girls bars are allowed to stay open all night like other bars.

Locations of Girls Bars

Between Shinjuku's Kabukicho nightlife district and the popular areas of Shibuya, it was estimated that there are about 60 Girls Bars in operation as of the start of 2008.

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