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Everlasting Sprout is a Japanese fashion label started by Keiichi Muramatsu and Noriko Seki. The label, best known for its original knitwear, was started in 2005 and has since been extremely active in the Japanese fashion community.



Muramatsu and Seki, both born in 1981, attended Bunka Fukusou Gakuin together and took the Knit Design Course. They split ways when they graduated shortly, with Seiki working as a freelance designer in Tokyo and Muramatsu working in Florence for Lineapiu Group. However, they reunited in 2005 to form Everlasting Sprout and produced their first collection for Japan Fashion Week in the S/S 2005 show.


The style Everlasting Sprout is best known for is one that combines high concept, difficult knitwear and modern, efficient clothing styles. They also work in costume design and strive in every piece they create to produce something unique. Because they cannot mass produce knitwear without sacrificing quality, they have been known to spend as much as a week working on a single piece of clothing.

Recent Collections

The most recent collections produced by Everlasting Sprout in the 2008 Summer/Spring Collection and 2009 Autumn/Winter Collection have both been as much devoted to the classic style that the two designers were trained in as ever, utilizing knitwork to produce complex, detailed pieces.

Where to Buy

Everlasting Sprout can be purchased in a few select shops in Japan as well as through the only stores of nuan+ and VISPORT. The heads office address for the company in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo is:

  • 1-21-5-5A Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku
  • Tokyo 151-0051
  • (81) 03-3746-1365

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