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Design Festa is a biannual art show that takes place at the Tokyo Big Site in Tokyo, Japan. It is the largest art event in Japan, with over 7,000 exhibits and 53,000 visitors. There have been over 27 Design Festa events since the project began in 1994.

Design Festa is what is known as a “Freestyle International Art Event.” They allow both professional and non-professional artists to showcase their work. These artists – and the visitors to the event – come from all around the world to showcase and view the art of aspiring and professional artists.

Design Festa has no restrictions. No matter what art type the artist uses (anything from painting to performance art to music) or their age, as long as the artwork is original it is allowed to be shown at the event.

The event also has food, and many people enjoy making an entire weekend out of attending the events and viewing all of the other exhibits.


If an artist wants to show their work, they can use one of the 2,600 booths that the event provides. There is fee information and other space reserving information on their home page, and once an artist is approved they are allowed to decorate these booths as they wish.

There is also an outdoor live stage for musical groups. This is a more difficult reservation to make due to the limited amount of space, but any artist can make this reservation. There are also indoor stages for performance arts as well as theater spaces for those that require it.

Showcasing is on a first come, first serve basis. Therefore, those that want to showcase sometimes have to plan long in advance in order to ensure they have the space they need. Also, if you register by a deadline that they provide, you can have your name listed on the event pamphlet. The date for this registration is as much as 3 months in advance of the event.

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