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Corrector Yui is a manga that was created by Kia Asamiya. Asamiya is actually the pen name of Michitaka Kikuchi. He is one of the most well-known manga artists, or mangaka, in both America and Japan. He is probably most well-known to American audiences for his work on Hellboy, a popular comic/graphic novel that got turned into a live-action movie. Corrector Yui was first released in 1999 and an anime quickly followed it. It is considered to be in the magical girl genre of manga, but is different than most magical girl series. Instead of having magical powers, the main character’s powers are only available to her when she is online.


The series takes place in the year 2020. Everybody has a computer, and most people are on it all day long. Yui Kasuga is one of the few people that is unable to use a computer. She has tried to use ComNet, their term for the Internet, but is can not do anything with it. Her father develops software, which leads most people to believe that Yui has the ability to run ComNet, even though she does not.

A computer called Grosser suddenly starts trying to take over ComNet. Yui is suddenly approached by an artificially intelligent raccoon named IR, to help them fight Grosser. She is pulled into Comnet and is given a suit called an element suit, which transforms her into a ComNet fairy known as Corrector Yui. Yui needs to gain the trust of the seven other corrector programs in order to defeat Grosser. She must also discover where the designer of ComNet has disappeared to.


  • Yui Kasuga– Yui is a typical high school student. She ends up being pulled into the virtual world of ComNet in order to defeat a rogue AI program known as Grosser. She is extremely good natured and wants to understand everyone, which helps her get along with the other corrector programs on ComNet.
  • Haruna Kisaragi – Haruna is Yui’s best friend in the real world. She is extremely smart when it comes to computers and was originally supposed to become the Corrector. Yui was accidentally chosen instead, due to Grosser’s planning, because Yui has much less skill than Haruna does.
  • Professor Inukai – Professor Inukai is the man who created the Correctors, and Grosser. He realizes his mistake with Grosser and creates the Correctors in order to stop Grosser, but winds up in a hospital bed instead. When he finally comes to, he wants Haruna to be a Corrector, but gets Yui instead.

The Correctors

  • Ante – is able to foresee the future.
  • Control – Can stop time.
  • Eco – Can control nature elements, like water and plants.
  • Follow – Can mimic almost anything he sees and has the most memory.
  • Peace – Is able to build destructive weapons.
  • IR – Is the creator and is Yui’s first ally.
  • Rescue – Can heal damage.
  • Synchro – Is the best fighter in the group.
  • Grosser – Grosser is the program that the Corrector’s are trying to destroy. He was created in order to help guard ComNet, but ends up wanting to control it instead. He has a strange fascination with Yui, and is in fact the one that is responsible for her becoming a Corrector.
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