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Chinen Rina was born in Okinawa in 6 February 1981 and trained in singing and dancing at the Okinawa Actors School. After signing a contract with Sony Music Entertainment in 1996, she came onto the music scene with the single DO-DO FOR ME.

Rina started acting in 1997 and soon became very popular. In 1997, she starred in the dorama Five and went on to release two successful singles the same year. Rina was awarded as the Grand Prix new member prize of 1997.

In 1998, she went on to released more singles, including her biggest hit Wing. Soon afterward, she released her debut album Growing. Rina toured in 1999 and adopted a more rock edge to her music.

She continued to release singles and albums although from 200 her singles sales started dropping. Rina changed her musical style and released CLUB ZIPANGU, a Japanese language cover of Ricky Martin's She Bangs under the name R*I*NA, but attempts to boost her sales failed.

After releasing her second album breath, Rina gave a few live performances. She spent 2002 as a regular doing covers on the Hippare TV show and then disappeared from the music scene. Rina had a powerful and versatile voice and some of her songs were sung in a very high pitch. She is now a full time actress.

In 2005, Rina married model Kakamura Kentaro. She gave birth to a baby boy 14 March 2006.



  • DO-DO FOR ME (1996)
  • precious delicious (1997)
  • PINCH -Love Me Deeper- (1997)
  • Break out Emotion (1998)
  • Wing (1998)
  • Be yourself (1998)
  • YES (1999)
  • Be proud (1999)
  • IN YOUR EYES (1999)
  • Baby Love (2000)
  • Love, make together (2000)
  • CLUB ZIPANGU (2000)
  • Just Believe (2000)
  • Love you close (2001)


  • Growing (1998)
  • Passage -Best Collection- (2000)
  • breath (2001)

Videos and DVDs

  • Plain VIDEO CLIPS (1998)
  • Rina Chinen Growing Tour 1999 (1999)
  • Rina Clips 98-00 (2000)

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