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Ceres, Celestial Legend (Ayashi-no-Seresu or Ayashi-no-Ceres) is a manga, or Japanese comic book, that was created by Yūu Watase. Watase is well known in the manga world for creating Fushigi Yūgi, a multi-dimensional story that ended up becoming a well-known and loved anime. Ceres, Celestial Legend was also turned into an anime. The original Japanese title translates into “Bewitching Ceres: Heavenly Fairy Tale”, but was changed to Ceres, Celestial Legend for the release in the United States.


Aya and Aki Mikage are twins. When they turn 16, they get asked to go into the family room by other family members so that they can receive a gift. This gift was not a true gift, but was instead a test. Aya fails. She discovers that she is not Aya, but is actually a reincarnation of a celestial maiden. She slowly starts to remember and ends up actually transforming into a celestial maiden named Ceres. The rest of the Mikage family lives in fear of poor Aya, because of a family legend. The legend states that if the reincarnation of Ceres is allowed to live, she will bring ruin to the entire family. Because of this, the family plots to kill her.

Suzumi Aogiri, another celestial maiden, saves Aya, along with Yuhi and Toya. Toya is Suzumi’s brother-in-law, and Aya finds herself falling deeply in love with the mysterious man. Aya’s brother Aki, discovers that he can control a ghost that is called “Progenitor”. This ghost turns out to be the person who sol the original Ceres’ robe. This robe was meant to help the first Ceres open up the gates of heaven, which did not occur due to the theft.

Aya and Ceres come to an agreement: Ceres agrees to not take over Aya’s body as long as Aya tries to find the lost robe that was stolen so long ago. Aya enlists the help of Toya, Suzumia and Yuhi in order to find the stolen robe. But Toya has a secret too, and that secret may end up destroying Aya.


  • Aya Mmikage – A teenager who discovers that she is actually a reincarnation of a celestial maiden. She ends up being chased by her family, who is plotting to kill her.
  • Aki Mikage – Aki is Aya’s twin brother. He ends up being taken over by a spirit known as Progenitor, who is determined to kill Aya.
  • Ceres – Ceres is the maiden that takes over Aya from time to time. She is trying to get her sacred celestial robe back.
  • Toya – The teenager who falls in love with Aya. He has no memory of who he is or where he came from, and eventually discovers that he has a secret that could end up destroying Aya, along with others.
  • Suzumi Aogiri – Suzumi is also a reincarnated woman. She takes care of Aya and does her best to protect her.
  • Yuhi Aogiri – Yuhi is Suzumi’s brother-in-law. He, too, falls for Aya, but does not show his feelings, as she seems to care for him as she does her brother.
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