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CanCam Magazine is a Japanese fashion Magazine targeting school age girls and young women. The magazine is published by Shogakukan and the name roughly translates to “I Can Campus”, alluding to the perception that the magazine’s readers will become leaders on their school’s campus in the many areas that office ladies and university students seek such advice. The magazine carries information about fashion design, current trends and labels, makeup, accessories, and beauty tips, and a variety of interviews and articles targeting this highly valued demographic.

CanCam was first published in November of 1981 and has since grown to a circulation of more than 700,000, making it one of the single most popular magazines amid all 20-30 year old women. The magazine is about 600 pages each month and focuses on various models showcasing hundreds of new designs and outfits.

In recent years, the magazine’s readership has been increasing even further and models from its pages have gone on to larger careers in television, including the likes of Ebihara Yuri, Yamada Yu, and Oshikiri Moe. The list of models currently and in the past working at CanCam continues to grow and many models use it as a jumping point to larger targets in their careers.

In 2007, a second sister magazine was launched by Shogakukan called AneCan, targeting the slightly older demographic of women in their mid to late twenties. The magazine features more mature fashions and content targeting women who are young professionals. Since its launch in March of that year, its readership has tripled and it has already become one of the more popular magazines for its particular demographic.

Current Models for CanCam

Current models in CanCam magazine, who have appeared in its pages within the past two years include:

Past Models for CanCam

Past Models in CanCam include a wide array of television and modeling stars. A small number of these models have also gone on to start modeling for the new sister magazine, AneCam.

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