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CUTiE Magazine is a Japanese fashion magazine marketed toward “independent girls”. It operates as a hybrid of sorts, integrating street fashion in the same manner as FRUiTS Magazine while including a wide array of fashion articles and manga cartoons as included in many other popular girls magazines. Almost 25 years old, CUTiE is also one of the older, more established of the Japanese fashion magazines, presenting the same basic perspective that it has since the 1980s.

Magazine Style

The style of CUTiE magazine can best be described as eclectic and very similar to the method in which FRUiTS is presented. There are very little text included with the images with the exception of the interviews or manga sections. Images are full page graphics with small captions and can include everything from decorated rooms, craft ideas, clothing, toys, comic art, and a wide array of other fashion and cultural trends from Japan.

The magazine’s goal is to appeal to as many styles and tastes as possible integrating a wide array of imagery and features – and trying most of all not to focus intently on current trends. Additionally, the magazine contains a good amount of information about hair and makeup as well as multiple fashion related crafts.

International Appeal

Though the magazine cannot be purchased directly through an international distributor and is printed only in Japanese, it has a great deal of international appeal for English speaking audiences. Due to its use of primarily image laden pages, the magazine’s core purpose of providing intriguing fashion and style information remains intact. Additionally, many American and European stars in fashion and pop culture are often interviewed and featured in CUTiE, along with English transcripts of their conversations from a Japanese perspective.

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