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Bunkyo-ku (文京区) is one of the 23 special wards of Tokyo, Japan. Founded in on March 15, 1947, the Bunkyo Ward has long been a center of education and scholarly pursuits, tracing back to the Meiji Period in the 19th Century. Today, residential and educational institutions make up a large part of Bunkyo’s populace with The University of Tokyo as a focal point.

Other vital aspects of Bunkyo’s economy and citizenry include the publishing industry, IT industries, and medical care with multiple large hospitals and a flourishing number of information and IT companies making their homes here, in close conjunction to the colleges and universities in the area. The population as of the most recent census data in 2005 for Bunkyo was 180,209 with a total of 6,500 overseas residents.

Currently, the mayor of Bunkyo is Narisawa Hironobu, a political independent long backed by the Liberal Democratic Party. Additionally, a 34 personal city assembly sees to legislative matters


Neighborhoods in Bunkyo

Bunkyo is made up of the following neighborhoods:


Bunkyo is well known for its confluence of cultural, medical, and educational sources and its many attractions reflect this. The Gokokuji and Denzuin Temples along with the Nezu Shrine are well known historical landmarks while the Harimasaka Sakura Colonnade, Kodokan Judo Institute, and Koishikawa Botanical Garden and Korakuen are popular tourist attractions.

The Tokyo Dome, home to the Yamuiri Giants and multiple other sporting events is a major draw, as is Tokyo Dome City around the dome. Both Tokyo University and the University of Tokyo with their classic, recognizable architectural forms are major draws for students and foreign residents. Additional landmarks in Bunkyo also include:

Famous Bunkyo Residents

Bunkyo has been home to many famous residents including the likes of world renowned animator Hayao Miyazaki, Kabuki Actor Nakamura Kanzaburo XVIII, Authors Shinichi Hoshi and Nogai Kafu and Composer Toru Takemitsu. In addition, the Chiba Prefecture Governor Domoto Akiko is known to be from Bunkyo.

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