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Blue Submarine No. 6 (Ao no Roku-go) is a manga, or Japanese comic book, created by Satoru Ozawa. The manga was quickly picked up and turned into an original video animation (OVA) series. It was recently released that a live-action movie about Blue Submarine No. 6 will be created for around eighty-four million dollars.


Blue Submarine No. 6 is set in a futuristic world. In this world, the oceans have risen to the point that they flooded almost all of the land in the world. A scientist named Zorndyke has taken care of the rest of the cities, using his army of Hybrids to wipe out almost all the rest of the cities. The survivors find themselves banding together in order to keep Zorndyke’s sea-worthy Hybrids from destroying the rest of the humans in the world. To do this, they use submarines, Blue Submarine #6 being the most powerful one.

Blue Fleet

The beginning of the story shows Mayumi Kino trying to get [[Tetsu Hayami] to join the Blues again. Tetsu used to belong to them and actually helped them create the Grampus, which is a small submarine that is extremely powerful and easy to maneuver. He declines, and Mayumi believes that they can not convince him to join. Right after this conversation, a large creature attacks the city while playing a recording from Zorndyke that claims that “resistance is futile”. Kino winds up in trouble when she attempts to save an old woman, and Hayami ends up saving her by killing the monster. He ends up boarding Blue 6, and the sub leaves with he and the old woman on board. It is then that Hayami finally agrees to work with Blue 6.

Hayami discovers that an old friend of his is being held by Zorndyke and is being tortured. He wants to help and ends up dreaming about his comrade’s pain. The battle to rescue the friend ends up in a massive undersea battle. The captain of Sub 6 commands that all available subs should fight until they are demolished, and Hayami manages to save his friend, who has been turned into a hybrid. The war to save life continues, with Blue 6 determined to keep fighting.

Video and Audio

When it comes to the anime, there has never been one like it. There is a 3D option available, which is much more highly received than the 2D version. The is extremely fluid and keeps the viewer from noticing when the scene changes. The shoe has a lot of underwater scenes, which the producers manage to make look extremely credible and not silly.

The audio of the anime has a lot of jazzy, fast-paced music and slow, blues-stylized songs. There is a lot of base in the soundtrack, leading some fans to turning up the bass as high as they can when viewing the series. Overall, the anime stays faithful to the manga, following along in the story of Hayami and Mayumi.

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