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Black Jack (Burakku Jakku) is a manga, or Japanese comic book, that was created by Dr. Osamu Tezuka. Dr. Tezuka was trained in his younger years to be a physican, but decided that he preferred drawing manga, which paid off. He is now known as the father of anime and is likened to Walt Disney. It was Tezuka who invented the large eyes seen on most manga characters, a trait that has become extremely popular. The Black Jack manga was first released in 1973. It was turned into a televised anime in 2004 and has been renewed as a manga since 2006, under the name “Black Jack – the Dark Surgeon”.


Black Jack is actually a killer for hire. He uses his medial abilities in order to kill, selling his services to whomever can afford them. He wears a cape and has a very noticeable scar across his face, as well as having black and white hair. He seems to be good, curing everyone from peasants to presidents, and charging extremely high amounts for his services to those who can afford it. He has a greed which can not be quenched, but is actually against wealth and prestige. He feels as if he is doing a public service by taking a large amount of money from the patients who have more than enough.

His name is really Kuro Hazama. He suffered a tragedy very young in life, when he and his mother were both in a massive explosion. His mother lost her arms and legs, and he was torn up quite a bit. His mother eventually slipped into a coma and died, but Hazama was able to survive thanks to Dr. Jotaro Honma. It is due to Dr. Honma’s care that he managed to survive, and it was due to his influence that Hazama decided to become a surgeon. He changed his name to Black Jack and decided that he would train as a surgeon, but would not become licensed. Instead, he hides in the shadows, operating as needs be.

The series follows Black Jack, who tends to do good deeds without asking for any recognition for them. He does everything, from curing the pore to teaching the rich humility.


  • Pinoko – Pinoko used to be a Siamese twin that lived in an 18 year old girl’s body for her entire life. Black Jack was able to take her out of her twin and even made a plastic body for her. Pinoko’s twin sister decided that she did not want to have anything to do with her, so Black Jack took her in. She says that she is eighteen and is engaged to Black Jack, but she acts, and looks, more like a five year old.
  • Biwamaru – Bimwamru is a blind doctor who excels at using needles to heal. He uses his nose to find sick people and makes people well for free. He does not like operations and cures a lot of Black Jack’s patients, which makes him upset. Black Jack and Biwamaru have a mutual respect for each other.
  • Black Queen – Kuwata Konomi is a doctor who’s specialty is performing amputations, which is why she became known as the Black Queen. She meets Black Jack. Black Jack falls in love with her, only to find that she is engaged.
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