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Arakawa-ku (荒川区) is one of the 23 special wards of Tokyo, Japan. The ward is named for the river of the same name nearby and is closest to the wards of Bunkyo, Taito, Sumda, Kita, and Adachi. The most recent population estimates for Arakawa, produced in April of 2008 have 197,716 people living in the ward.

Located in the northeastern most section of Tokyo, Arakawa is long and narrow in shape, stretching from west to east and bordered on the north by the Sumida River. Before the Meiji period, the Arakawa region was a more agricultural area, producing rice and other goods for Samurai and Daimyo in Edo. During that same period, starting in 1651, Arakawa was also home to the Tokugawa Shogunate’s largest execution grounds. During the Meiji period, the nearby rivers attracted factories which largely industrialized the area. Many of these factories have been removed since then and replaced by residential and commercial spaces. Arukawa was official incorporated as a ward of Tokyo in 1932.


Neighborhoods of Arakawa

Famous Arakawa Residents

A number of well known personalities have come from Arakawa’s riverfront homes, including Misora Hibari, Yamada Kuniko, Yamaguchi Momoe, and Kitajima Kosuke.


Arakawa’s Nature Park and Amusement Park are popular destinations for children throughout the day, largely frequented by mothers. Open between most normal business hours, both parks are available 6 days a week with plenty of activities for children of all ages.

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