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All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku (Bannō Bunka Nekomusume) is both a manga and an original video animation (OVA). The OVA was released in 1992, and became very popular. It spawned more OVA’s, and an anime series. The manga was created by Yuzo Takada. Takada is a mangaka who has become very popular. One of his most popular mangas is 3x3 Eyes, which centers on the supernatural, but he is well-known for his comedic timing as well.


On Christmas Eve, Ryunosuke Natsume discovers a dead cat. He takes the cat to his father, Kyusaku Natsume, who is an inventor. Kyusaku decides to take the brain from the cat and put it into an android. He stole this android from Mishima Heavy Industries, his ex-employer. Mishima is owned by his wife, who has left both her husband and her son, so it is understandable why Kyusaku felt free to take the android. When he is done tinkering with the body and the brain, the once lifeless android has become Atsuko Natsume, or Nuku Nuku.

The series focuses on Nuku Nuku’s trials in learning to adapt to human life. She becomes a companion to Ryunosuke, much to his dismay, and winds up becoming very well known in school. She is also always on the lookout, as Mishima Industries is trying to get her body back. This means that there are often a lot of battles between Nuku Nuku and other large pieces of machinery from Mishima.

Nuku Nuku Dash

Nuku Nuku Dash is a series that was created based on Nuku Nuku. It is different from the original, though, in many ways. Instead of being a young teenager, Nuku Nuku is 19. She has a much more womanly form and has green hair. She has suffered from memory loss, which is later explained, and does not know who she is. She becomes a superhero known as Super Dynamite Girl whenever there is trouble. Often, Nuku Nuku ends up battling more robots from the Mishima Group.

One of the biggest differences in this series is that Nuku Nuku is not created by Kyusaku. She is actually created by a man called Professor Higuchi. In this series, Ryunosuke falls in love with Nuku Nuku, instead of being more of a big brother. He does meet Super Dynamite Girl quite often, but is unable to put two and two together.

In this series, Nuku Nuku comes upon a girl named Rei Rei, who is an android that looks almost exactly like her. This is because she was created by Professor Higuchi, just as Nuku Nuku was. Rei Rei was created with the sole mission of destroying all life, while Nuku Nuku was created with the programming to protect all life. It is later revealed that Nuku Nuku was originally created as a last resort to be used against Rei Rei.

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