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The Akasaka Blitz is a live music house located in Akasaka, Tokyo. It was designed to be a fusion of both television and live entertainment – owned in part by the television station “TBS.” Akasaka Blitz was designed to be “hip and stylish” in order to help it stand out from some of the other live houses in Japan.

The Akasaka Blitz is a venue for some of the biggest Japanese bands, but is especially popular for large and well known Indie Bands. The Blitz opened in 1996, but was closed in 2003 for redesign. In March of 2008, the club reopened.

During the time where the Akasaka Blitz was shut down, a small club known as the Yokohama Blitz opened in the interim. That club is still open today.



Address (English):

  • 5-3-6 Akasaka
  • Tokyo, 13 107-0052
  • Japan

Address (Japanese):

  • 所在地:港区赤坂5-3-2 赤坂サカス内


  • 03-3584-8811


From the Subway: You can take the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line directly linked to the Ginza Line, and then the Marunouchi Line until you reach the "Akasaka Mitsuke Station" It is an 8 minute walk from the station to reach the Blitz.

From Tokyo Station: Take the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line until you reach Otemachi station then take the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line to Akasaka.

You can also take the JR Tokaido line from Shinagawa station to the Sumbashi Station, catch the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, walk to Sanno Station, catch the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line until you reach Akasaka.


The original Akasaka Blitz looked like a “big barn.” It fit over 1900 people. The first floor was standing room only, while the second floor had 244 seats. When it was rebuilt, the facility became smaller. It now seats only about 1298 people, with 151 people on the 2nd floor and 1147 people on the 2nd floor.

Akasaka Blitz uses some of the lastest sound and lighting equipment available in Japan. It is known for its good acoustics. No food is served in the Akasaka Blitz, but alcoholic beverages are served so there is an age limit.

Yokohama Blitz

The Yokohama Blitz was used as a continuation of the Akasaka Blitz when the Akasaka Blitz was shut down. It opened November 14th, 2004. Although the Akasaka Blitz has reopened, the Yokohama Blitz continues to run. It fits 1700 people with 548 people seated on the 1st floor and 300 on the 2nd floor.

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