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Japanese actress Aoi Miyazaki was born in Tokyo, Japan on November 30, 1985, a sister to her brother Masaru Miyazaki, who is also a noted young Japanese actor. At only 21 years old, Aoi Miyazaki has already developed quite an extensive repertoire of acting credits both in the Japanese film industry as well as on Japanese television.

Aoi Miyazaki got her official “start” in Japanese cinema as a young teenager with a role as Tama Kobayashi in the 1999 film One Summer’s Day (Ano natsu no hi). The following year she appeared in three films: 淀川長治物語 神戸篇 サイナラ, Swing Man, as Minase and Futami, and Eureka (Yûreka), as Kozue Tamura. She also made her debut on Japanese T.V. in the series “Hatachi no kekkon” (literal translation: “Wedding at 20”) in 2000.

Continuing into the early 2000s, Aoi Miyazaki appeared in the T.V. series “Furê furê jinsei” (literal translation: “Proclamated Life”) in 2001, and took leading roles in the films Harmful Insect (Gaichu, 2001) as Sachiko Kita; Pakodate-jin (2002) as Hikaru “Pikaru” Hino; and she starred as Tomie Hasimoto opposite Nozomi Andô as Tomie Kawakami in Tomie: The Final Chapter—Forbidden Fruit (Tomie: Saishuu-sho—kindan no kajitsu), a horror film about cloning and stem-cell research, in 2002. In 2003, Aoi Miyazaki played Yume Kikuchi in the T.V. series “Someday’s Dreamers” (“Mahô tsukai ni taisetsu na koto”).

Aoi Miyazaki’s latest projects for 2007 include the films Tôkyô tawâ: Okan to boku to, tokidoki, oton, Sad Vacation, in which she takes a leading role, and Hatsukoi no yuki: Virgin Snow, in which she stars as Nanae Sasaki alongside Jun-gi Lee as Min Kim. On television, Aoi Miyazaki appeared in the series “Junjo Kirari” (literal translation: “Pure Heart”) in 2006, and is slated to appear in a new series “Atsu-hime” (literal translation: “Thicky Princess”) come 2008.

The talented actress has several awards under her belt for her acting work: a Japanese Professional Movie Award for Best New Actress (Eureka, 2000), a Cinemanila International Film Festival Best Actress Award (Gaichu in 2001), and a [[Nikkan Sports Film Award] for Best New Talent in 2002.

Aoi Miyazaki’s Other Filmography

  • Heavenly Forest (Tada, kimi wo aishiteru, 2006)—Shizuru Satonaka
  • Hatsukoi (2006)—Misuzu
  • Su-ki-da (2005)—Yu-young
  • Nana (2005)—Nana Komatsu
  • All About My Dog (Inu no eiga, 2005)
  • Amoretto (2004)
  • The Reason (Riyuu, 2004)—Yukari Ishida
  • A Blue Automobile (Aoi kuruma, 2004)—Konomi Saeki
  • Loved Gun (Rabudo Gun, 2004)—Miyuki

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