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Absolute Boyfriend (Zettai Kareshi) is a manga that was created by Yuu Watase. Watase is a female mangaka who is known for putting gorgeous, or beautiful, male characters into her series. She has become a popular manga artist, and has created quite a few shojo and bishonen manga. It was first published in 2003 and ran through six volumes before it ended in 2005.


Poor Riiko Izawa. The one thing she wants above all else is a boyfriend to care about her, but every guy she has a crush on ignores her. She has never, ever, had a boyfriend. One evening, she sees a man drop his cell phone. She picks it up and brings it back to him. He is kind, and thanks her by telling her to go to his company’s website. She does, and is shocked to discover that she can order a boyfriend! The website says that she can keep the boyfriend, at no charge, for three days.

Soon her boyfriend ends up arriving at the door. She names him Night and is shocked to discover that he really is the perfect boyfriend! The three days quickly comes to an end and she has to decide if she wants to let him return to the company or not. She finds that she can not part with him. The next thing she knows, she has a bill for a million dollars for the android! Namikiri Gaku, the salesman that she helped, calls her and says that the company will waive the huge fee if she will only help them by collecting data about women. They are trying to create the perfect boyfriend, and they need all the data they can get about her feelings and experiences with Night.

Soshi Asamoto is Riiko’s next door neighbor. He has had a crush on her for a long time, but hides it by teasing her, as so many boys do. Her parents are gone when she orders the boyfriend, and he gets instantly jealous when he sees him. Riiko finally discovers that Soshi has feelings for her, and she has to choose between Night, who is not real but seems to be developing emotions, or Soshi, her next door neighbor.


  • Riiko Izawa – Riiko ends up ordering a boyfriend who is not real. She is a clumsy teen, and is very kind hearted.
  • Night Tenjo – Night is billed as the perfect boyfriend, and he is. He has a mood ring which tells him the emotions that Riiko is having at any given moment. He ends up having human-like emotions.
  • Soshi Asamoto – Soshi is the boy that has a crush on Riiko. He lives alone with his brother, and has promised to protect Riiko. He is insanely jealous of Night.
  • Gaku Namikiri – Gaku is the salesman that Riiko helps. Gaku is the one that allows Riiko to keep Night, and is the one who fixes Night when he breaks.
  • Mika Ito – Riiko believes that Mika is her best friend, but she discovers that Mika is spreading rumors around in order to make sure that no boy dates Riiko.
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