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A-net is a Japanese fashion label and clothing line that is home to many of the top brand produced in Japan each year. The design studio, which is the sister studio to Issey Miyake’s Miyake Design Studios is now home to a half dozen different major brands and a wide selection of smaller, individual brands.

A-Net Profile

A-Net currently has more than 174 stores in Japan and 34 overseas outlets, including all of its major brands. Headquartered out of Koto, Tokyo, the company has multiple offices located in Aoyama, Shibuya, and Osaka. The current company structure was founded in August of 1996 and in the most recent fiscal year had sales of more than 15.3 billion yen. The current director is Toshio Hirose and the board of directors includes a number of fashion industry stalwarts.

In addition to its own store locations, A-Net provides clothing to the following companies and department store chains:

In addition, A-Net has an overseas subsidiary in France under the name of A-net Europe SA.

A-Net Brands

A-net is still within the same group company of Issey Miyake’s larger operation, but is considered its own entity with its own labels and designers. The current list of labels within A-net includes:

Each brand is operated by its own respective lead designer and team with some, such as Tsumori Chisato having as many as four designers and an entire international team. Currently, Tsumori Chisato, ZUCCa, and Final Home all have Paris showrooms and clothing sales represented by A-net Europe S.A. Importing of all major brands can be done through A-net’s online stores though.

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