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1907 is Meiji 40 on the Japanese Calendar

The year 1907 in Japanese history and events related to Japan that occurred in this year.


1907 Politics

1907 Births

Yukawa was a theoretical physicist and was the first Japanese person to win the Nobel prize. His theory of mesons, which explains how neutrons and protons interact, won him the Imperial Prize of the Japan Academy, and he won the Nobel Prize for his pion, which was discovered by Cecil Powell.

Takeo was born in Tokushima. He became Prime Minister in 1974 and became very popular in the public’s eye due to his reform beliefs. Big businesses did not care for these beliefs, nor did Takeo’s own party, so he only had a two year term.

1907 Deaths

Shuei was a well-known Japanese man that played the game of Go. He was also the head of Honinbo house twice. Shuei was a player who changed the game of Go, he became known a the “master of miai”, because he created situations where he would have more than one option to choose from.

Yoshiko was the concubine of Emperor Komei, and was the mother of Emperor Meiji.

1907 Entertainment

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1907 Sports

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1907 Business

17 different Japanese railways were taken over by the government.

1907 Other

  • August 1 – Korea

Japan forced Korea to sign an agreement. This amended agreement gave Japan complete control over most of Korea, including their putting officials in the Korean government. Instead of building Korea up, Japan breaks the military down, dissolving the entire thing in order to leave Korea defenseless.

Japanese used to be immigrating freely to the United States. In 1907, the Gentleman’s Agreement came into effect, and Japanese workers were no longer allowed to immigrate to the United States. The agreement did allow for husbands and wives to travel to the United States if their spouse was already in the country.

  • Bestowed a Prince

Oyama Iwao was a Japanese field marshal who helped to lead the Meiji Restoration. He was so revered by his country that he was given the title of Prince in 1907.

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