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The year 1906 in Japanese history and events related to Japan that occurred in this year.


1906 Politics

1906 Births

Tomonaga was a Japanese Physicist. Tomonaga became a professor at the Tokyo University of Education. He and his students managed to discover that a theory about QED (quantum electrodynamics) was incorrect. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for his discoveries.

Honda was the founder of the Honda Motor Corporation. His father was a blacksmith, which is where Honda received his ability to manipulate metal. He worked in an auto shop in the earlier twenties, where he learned more and more about automobiles. He found himself realizing that he could create cars just like other people, and so he did, bringing the Japanese car market into the world.

1906 Deaths

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1906 Entertainment

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1906 Sports

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1906 Business

The South Manchuria Railway Company was founded in Japan in accordance with the Treaty of Portsmouth, which allowed Japan access to parts of Manchuria. Soybeans and other mineral resources were brought to Japan though the railway. It was used until 1945, when the Soviet army took it over.

Arisaka were Japanese military bolt-action rifles that began being produced in 1906. The Type 99 rifle was used often in World War II, as thousands were purchased by the United States during and after the war. They were designed by Colonel Nariakira Arisaka who was promoted to Baron by Emperor Meiji a year after production started.

1906 Other

  • January –

Saionji Kimmochi, wound up becoming the Prime Minister. Former Prime Minister Katsura resigned after the peace treaty with Russia came out and the population was not in favor of it.

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