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The year 1902 in Japanese history and events related to Japan that occurred in this year.


1902 Politics

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1902 Entertainment

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1902 Business

On January 30, the Anglo-Japanese Alliance was signed in London by Lord Lansdowne, who was the British foreign secretary, and Hayashi Tadasu, the Japanese minister that resided in London. The point of the alliance was to help the British protect their commercial interest in China, as well as giving them an ally that would be able to help keep Russia under control. The Japanese received recognition as one of the major powers in the world, and gave the government the ability to challenge Russia openly, as they were occupying Manchuria and wanted to take over Korea. The treaty allowed the countries to remain neutral to each other, but they were obligated to help each other if more than one country went against the other country. The treaty lasted until 1923.

1902 Other

  • The Arithmometer

Roichi Yazu, a Japanese inventor, wanted to find a way to add things together without needing an abacus. In 1902 he invented a mechanical calculating machine. Yazu named the machine the “Yazu Arithmometer”, and it was patented a year later. There were 200 units manufactured, but the project quickly died when Yazu decided to try to build an airplane with an engine in it. The machine remained forgotten until 1977, when A. Uchiyama found an old one in one of Yazu’s sister’s descendant’s homes.

  • Immigration to Texas

In 1902, overpopulation was becoming a serious problem in Japan. The government knew it, and so they sent out scouts to America to see if there was any viable land to migrate to. Texas dignitaries believed that the Japanese rice farms would do well there, and would give them an advantage against Louisiana’s trade. Thirty rice farms ended up being started in the area just south of Houston.

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