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Yoshihito Ogawa is a Japanese Fashion Designer and the founder of Studio Dix. His work is best known for its dark yet vibrant colors, layers, and mixture of classic styles from the 1970s and 80s with modern fabrics and cuts.



Ogawa graduated from Meisei University and then attended the Vantan Design Institute where he graduated with honors before starting work at Johbi Inc in 1982. Shortly thereafter, in 1983, he joined Persons and then in 1984, moved to Italy to work with Fendi International. In 1985, he worked shortly with Giuliano Fujiwara and eventually, in the 1990s started his own work, debuting in Milan in 1997 with his first collection. The next year he established Studio DIX di Yoshihito Ogawa, a line for women, and in 2002 added a men’s collection. He has presented at every Milan collection since 2002, also working with Isamu Sato and has presented in every Tokyo Collection since 2004 since signing with Bespoke Gallery.

Clothing Style

The majority of Ogawa’s lines consist of single colors and simple, yet often times convoluted designs with multiple different accessories, additions and changes to add flair. Ruffles and layers in dresses, scarves, and a number of other methods are included in many of the designs each year and a variety of different fabrics, drawn from technologically advanced sources as well as the less complex, more traditional denims of Japan’s dying industry.

The work produced in conjunction with collaborators tends to be more open to experimentation for Ogawa than his own lines and has become a staple of his annual presentations, allowing him to experiment more often.

Where to Buy

Yoshihito Ogawa’s designs can be purchased from a number of locations internationally, including his original store in Milan and throughout boutiques and a number of different department stores in Tokyo.

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