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Taku Satoh (佐藤 卓) was born in Tokyo in 1955. He is an award winning Japanese designer.


Graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music (Geidai) in 1979 (with a major in design), and from the Geidai Graduate School in 1981.


Worked for Dentsu before establishing his own company, the Taku Satoh Design Office in 1984. He has worked on the following products and projects between 1984 and the present day: Lotte Gums, Nikka Pure Malt, RMK Skincare, ZENA Nutritional Drink, Meiji Oishii Milk, Meiji Diaries, and the NHK television show Nihongo de Asobo.

His writings include authorship of the "Dezain no Kaibo" (Bijutsu Shuppansha) series and co-authorship of SKELTON (Rikuyo-sha).

He has won the following design awards: Tokyo ADC Award, Mainichi Design Award, and JAGDA's New Designer Award.

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